Keep the joy glowing
with Bella & Bloom Candles

Fashionably curated scented soy blend candles in artisan inspired collectible vessels

Our candles are more than a wonderful fragrance that fills your room. Our decorative vessels fit your style and décor sensibilities long after the last hint of fragrance.

We’re the candle that's here to stay.

Bella & Bloom Candle Co. is a boutique line of scented soy blend candles that keep the joy glowing.

Each scent is carefully curated and paired with fashionable vessels in a variety of styles and colors to fit your personality and home décor style.

We encourage you to bloom new life into our candle containers after the wax is gone.

Add succulents and go from glow to grow!

Go from boring to beautiful storage for home and office.

Keep the joy glowing with Bella & Bloom Candles.

See how our artisan inspired collectible vessels go from glow to grow!

Watch how easy it is to add succulents to the empty candle vessels.